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Kindu Packing's plastic make-up packs popular with international beauty brands

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Kindu Packing's plastic make-up packs are proving to be popular with international beauty brands because of the company's reputation for success. Kindu has become one of the safest bets in the cosmetic packaging industry as the Chinese company experiences 10% year on year growth and can boast a wealth of top international brands as its customers.

What is the principal product focus of Kindu Packing?

As a subsidiary company of Kindu Packing, Kinhwa Plastic Industry Ltd. primarily manufactures plastic packaging for the make-up and beauty industry. The company's business is focused on this segment with lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, eyeliners and powder compacts being the principal product lines. 

Kindu packaging produces plastic accessories and containers, a variety of plastic packaging components, and works with customers both locally in China as well as overseas. Kindu has an excellent reputation in China so about half of the company's business is based here while the other half is with international companies.

As a company, Kindu has built up its industrial expertise in the production of plastic make-up parts through its professional staff and advanced, cutting-edge production equipment which together ensure high-quality products as a result.

With which international brands have you worked?

Kindu has worked with some very well known beauty companies. These include Nuxe, Make-up Forever, Beyu, Burberry, Body Shop and many more. Most of these business relationships are long term as both domestic and international brands choose to do business with Kindu again and again.

Why do companies choose to work with Kindu Packing?

Since the company was established in 1999, Kindu has seen an average of 10% growth each year to the extent that the company now has over 300 members of staff and last year saw an anual sales of 21 million US dollars.

In China, the name Kindu is established and recognized as a cosmetic packaging producer and because the company has continued to grow year-on-year, it has also developed a reputation for success and brands want to work with Kindu because they know the company is a safe bet for the future.

The company has some important certifications too —ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for effective environmental management system and SA8000 standard— and operates based on the 7S management policy. Kindu has also recently been audited and the conclusions of that audit have been particularly favourable.

Kindu provides a complete packaging solution service, which includes project planning within time and budget constraints. Minimum order quantities for all the company's products are 20,000 pieces which is another benefit for many cosmetic companies that work with Kindu.

How do you give Kindu products a distinct look?

Kindu Packing has a number of decoration options on offer so that customers can give their product the look they wish. Options for decorating packaging include metallization, UV coating, colouring, lasering and screen printing.

This is all done in-house at one of the company's two factories. The factories are located just minutes away from one another and in one injecting, hot stamping and screen printing takes place as well as product assembly. The spraying and metallization takes place at the other factory building because of the different requirements.

Where can your latest creations be seen?

Kindu's latest product offerings can be seen in the company's product catalog and on the web site which has a special section dedicated to Kindu's new product lines.

Regular visitors to China Beauty know that Kindu exhibits there each year and the company also participates at Cosmoprof in both Hong Kong and in Bologna, as well as at SKA. The company's latest creations can be viewed at these events whereby staff are happy to offer product suggestions from the newest lines or established ranges to best fit a customer's new product.

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