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Kindu Packing files legal action against online identity theft

Due to the abusive use of Kindu Packing's company name, logo, and product images by an unauthorized 3rd party, there are false web sites online claiming to be Kindu Packaging that misdirect visitors to incorrect sales e-mail accounts. Kindu Packing is taking legal actions and has filed law suits against parties seeking to steal the Kindu identity.

Here are the correct contact details for Kindu Packaging

Most of Kindu Packing’s product images are marked with the company logo. The company plans to continue to update www.kindupacking.com to offer a better visitor browsing experience.

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Kindu Packing outlines the reasons behind its new environmentally friendly compacts line

Ever since its establishment in 1999, Kindu Packing has built its reputation as a major player within the plastic cosmetic packaging world. 2018 has been the year of change for Kindu, as customers have been treated to a brand-new line of cardboard compacts. The company here outlines the reasons behind this move, underscoring the supplier’s focus on the environment and the importance of listening to client demands.

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