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Kindu Packing outlines the reasons behind its new environmentally friendly compacts line

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Ever since its establishment in 1999, Kindu Packing has built its reputation as a major player within the plastic cosmetic packaging world. 2018 has been the year of change for Kindu, as customers have been treated to a brand-new line of cardboard compacts. The company here outlines the reasons behind this move, underscoring the supplier’s focus on the environment and the importance of listening to client demands.

Your cardboard compacts herald a change from Kindu’s usual development of plastic packaging. Was the recent move into a different market sector a conscious decision on Kindu’s part?

Since its establishment almost twenty years ago, Kindu has maintained its primary focus on plastic cosmetic packaging, developing cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and obtaining numerous patents. 2018 has seen Kindu embark on an exciting venture across into the cardboard packaging world, with the launch of its cardboard compacts line earlier this year. Employing the skills of subsidiary company, Hwadu Colour Printing Co, Ltd, and manufacturing its packaging from FSC certified cardboard, Kindu has ensured that this new product range catches the eye of any consumer with its enhanced aesthetic value and focus on eco-sensitivity.  

Can you outline Kindu’s design process for this new cardboard range?

The line of cardboard compacts effectively demonstrates Kindu’s expertise in design, as the make-up palettes can be modified exactly to the needs of each and every client, guaranteeing flexibility in godet dimensions, shape, and layout. Brands are also able to choose whether or not to include an interior mirror, depending on their consumer market.

Differentiating itself from many other packaging suppliers, Kindu satisfies clients with its full packaging concept design service, helping brands all the way from concept creation to taking their product to market. Operating according to international McKinsey 7s management standards, Kindu consistently meets deadlines through carefully defined goals, and the merging of state-of-the-art design and decoration with engineering precision.

How does Kindu plan to guarantee customer interest with this new product line?

The launch of Kindu Packing’s new cardboard range comes in direct response to its customers' wish for paper palettes, and Kindu's ability to tailor each pack to its clients' needs means that the company is garnering fast recognition. Market competition is fierce for us at Kindu, yet investment in our R&D centre remains the company's distinguishing factor, ensuring that our packaging products, and compacts in particular, stand apart from offerings by competitors.

Kindu's attendance at packaging exhibitions acround the world provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the supplier's enthusiasm to potential customers, and, boosted by its achievement of the quality management ISO 9001 certification, Kindu’s outstanding reputation for careful calculation and consistent control levels draws in major brands such as Sephora, Marc Jacobs, The Body Shop, and Burberry.

How does the launch of the new cardboard range reflect Kindu’s ongoing concern for the environment?

Since Kindu achieved ISO14001:2004 certification in 2015, the company has incessantly injected effort into promoting eco-sensitive values, and the launch of the cardboard compacts line marks a significant milestone in this journey.

In response to the whirlwind of 2018 media attention to the gravity of plastic pollution, Kindu Packing noted the expertise of Hwadu Colour Printing Co., Ltd  and recognised the potential benefits of a packaging collaboration. With one a professional producer of cardboard printing, and the other a master within the cosmetic packaging world, the two companies have worked hand-in-hand to produce a new and satisfying solution which answers the cries of the environmentally-conscious consumer.

The introduction of the cardboard compacts line marks a new era for Kindu. Does the company envisage expansion into other sectors in the near future?

Expansion from Asia into the international market has introduced countless more major clients for Kindu, and, as a supplier, the company is increasingly receiving recognition as a recommended strategic partner. Hwadu Colour Printing Co., Ltd is currently undergoing transformation, which will undoubtedly encourage experimentation with new materials, venture into different sectors, and the investment in advanced technologies, and so Kindu is looking forward to exciting times ahead.

Kindu Packing is characterised by innovation, and it is this creative attitude which has enabled such significant company expansion — we have experienced an average staff body growth of 10% since the company's establishment back in 1999. As the company reaps the benefits from ever-increasing sales, Kindu has no intention of curbing this growth, and instead is striving towards the discovery of avant-garde customer solutions.

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