Double-ended lipstick + lipgloss

Kindu Packing has created a highly innovative concept with its plastic double-ended lipstick + lipgloss kit. This brilliant solution allows brands to offer a perfect combination of lipstick and lipgloss in one efficient, self-contained package, providing the ideal solution for those seeking beautiful and sensual lips in a space-saving design.

The lipgloss container has a capacity of 4.5ml, and Kindu Packing offers various decoration options, including Digital Printing, Hot Stamping, Metallization, Silk Screening, and Coating. Kindu Packing operates with international standards and offers professional packaging services, mainly for the beauty and cosmetics business. State-of-the-art design ability, together with precision mold tooling quality and advanced decoration technology, has made Kindu Packing a well-known name in its professional sector.

This double-ended lipgloss + lipstick concept by Kindu is making waves in the beauty packaging space. It's a perfect little self-contained piece of kit that allows a brand to offer one shade of lipstick accompanied by a gloss for the sort of perfect, sensual lips sought by contemporary consumers.

  • Cap: ABS;  Stem: PP;  Bottle: PETG;  Collar: ABS;  A-shell/Sleeve: ABS;  Cap: AS; Wiper: LDPE

  • Lipgloss container capacity: 4.5ml

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