Kindu’s advanced bi-injection moulding enhances cosmetic packaging design

Kindu Packing is famous for its innovative design and advanced manufacture technique for cosmetic business. Most of its packaging designs are the result of non-stop research, combined with engineering expertise. One of its techniques, bi-injection moulding, has been applied to several projects that have helped many companies launch new product lines successfully.

The key feature of the new cosmetic packaging is its double-injection colored bottle that is made of PCTA. Without using assembly processes, Kindu makes it possible to have crystal clarity on the cover of the packaging to reflect light and offer improved brightness. It still benefits from the interior having a solid, opaque colour to prevent the product's surface from fading. Many other eyeliner, lipgloss, and mascara packaging selections are still limited to solid colors only,

Packaging reference:

ZH-J196 Size: W. 17.5 mm, H. 110 mm

Material: bottle PCTA, cap ABS

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