Forget lip filling injections. Kindu Packing has lip-gloss containers with big applicators!

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Kindu Packing offers an elegant range of lip-gloss containers with big applicators. In the past, brushes, sponges, and spatulas have been a way of helping beauty and personal care customers apply hydrating and plump-lip serums.

Kindu understands that applicators, in addition to the containers, are of great importance in terms of compatibility with a product's formulation. Many popular lip-gloss serums contain ingredients like mustard sprout extract, peppermint, marine collagen, ginger, and cinnamon to increase blood flow for plumper lips.

Due to the increased popularity of liquid lipsticks and lip-glosses, it's an exciting time for the applicator segment. Kindu has many innovative applicators in various shapes and sizes to make the application of lip serums easy, clean, and hygienic.

Brands can tell consumers to forget lip filling injections, as lip serums and cosmetic packaging can help create the look of fuller, thicker lips without discomfort and a lengthy recovery period from cosmetic surgery.

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